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The Diamir Vipec 12 bindings are equipped with an exclusive defined lateral release in the front unit. The active release system holds the boot in place, similar to Alpine bindings. Unlike the systems that only clamp the boot in, the Diamir Vipec 12 is adjustable to different types of ski boots with precision and custom-fit. As a result, customers are not limited in their choice of ski boots.

Model 2013/14

The Diamir Vipec 12 that was introduced in early January 2014 is adjusted to the ski boot by means of an adjustable pin. If the pin was not properly fastened during the adjustment process, it was able to loosen while going uphill. As a quick response to the first of such cases, the binding was pre-set at the factory to fit most ski boots and to ensure that the adjustable pin is properly fastened. The retailers were informed and appropriately instructed even before the end of January 2014. A retailer should be contacted for any questions that may arise.

Model 2014/15

Model 2014/15 is also delivered with a presetting of the distance between the front-pins and a new Color Clip “M” fitting most ski boots. The optimized front pin unit simplifies the adjustment of the system and the laterally integrated centering jaws increase the comfort level.

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Diamir Vipec 12

Power and safety

Power is transmitted directly from the shoe to the ski thanks to the broad support and high degree of stability of the complete system. As a result, the most rapid downhill run in deep powder becomes pure pleasure.

Analog to modern triggering systems of alpine bindings, lateral release is based on automatic toe release. Active length compensation provides a defined release, even when the ski is bent.

Vipec 12

Light weight and comfort

Equipping the binding with an extremely low weight of only 490 g per unit (without brakes) with comfort features as well as triggering mechanisms from a different league is a technological masterpiece.

Vipec 12

Outstanding design and colors

Dreams come true in the mountains with breathtaking peaks and valleys at times wild and at times gentle and charming. This world with its very special character of power and elegance at the same time is reflected in its individual and extraordinary shapes.

Timeless elegance or fashionable outfit? As individual as the consumers.

Vipec 12

Vipec 12 is the right equipment for all those, who have been infected by the Virus of ski touring, for easy and comfortable skiing from peak to “Peak zu peak” with the most beautiful "scenic views".

Compared to conventional pin-bindings, Diamir Vipec 12 provides substantially more performance with the same low weight.

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